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Hello, My name is Don Windrem and this is my personal site.  I have been in Software development for all of my adult life and wanted to have a place outside of my business to work on projects and expand my passion for web design .  I have worked for 2 companies in my life as well as run my own company for about 2 years. I love what I do but you could look at my resume here for my technical experience. I wanted to give a little more information about my life outside of work.  I have gained a love for Broadway musicals over the past few years and have been to about 12 shows in the past couple of years.

I live in New Jersey with my wife Michele and her daughter Morgan. On a ski trip up to Maine in 2015, I was forced to listen to Country Music on the one radio station that came in clearly and actually liked it. I brought this love home and now we are all in love with country music.  Have gone to a couple concerts since then and still liking it.  The picture to the right was from a recent Luke Bryan concert.  It's Michele, Morgan's friend Erin, Morgan and me.

Michele and I both love traveling and we have been both throughout the USA and abroad although recent restrictions have put a damper on overseas travel.  Recent USA trips include Vermont, Acadia Park in Maine, Baltimore, Miami and Keywest, Washington DC and Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore. Recent International trips include Canada, Switzerland, Iceland and Japan. I am an avid skier and travel 2 or 3 times a year to ski.  I have skied in Switzerland, Japan, Vermont, Colorado, California, Utah and Canada to name a few places.  Click here to see photos of some of our recent trips. This is a photo of Michele and I with our tour guide Theo on the game of thrones tour.  Theo was dressed the part down to his jacket and sword,  It was awesome and Theo was a big part of that.  The Iceland Game of Thrones tour has been discontinued which is sad, but we did take a lot of pictures and have some great memories.

I love watersports including boating, water-skiing, knee boarding, PWC riding but not a big fisherman. I have lived in New Jersey for my entire life. My family owns a house on Lake Hopatcong New Jersey where we spend a lot of time in the summers. I love woodworking when I get the time. I try to make at least one piece of furniture for family lakehouse each year.  I have plenty of pictures of the Woodworking projects I have thus far done up at our lakehouse that you can find in the section titled recent projects.  I also have several DIY projects that I present as well.  As for the location itself, We took the below picture on a random day last summer and this is a typical sunset.  We are very blessed to have access to this house.  


Some of my favorite personal websites include:

  • Instructables because I love making stuff with my hands. I use it for inspiration on new projects, learning new skills and occassionally posting my creations.  My hobbies include electronics, IoT, woodworking and general Do it Yourself projects around the house.  I have more details about some of my projects here.

  • Bing is my search engine of choice. To be honest, I get points for searching and their search results are as good as Google's in my opinion so I prefer the Bing points. I also use Duck Duck Go since it does not track my search history. I believe the best approach to not having any one company know too much about you is to spread your searches around.

  • LifeHacker has good tips for life tricks, early sales heads ups, how to get things done and just general good life tips. I prefer the RSS feed so I can scan the article titles quickly before diving into the articles. I have Lifehacker feed setup in my Newsfeeds section.

  • Family Handyman magazine is a good site with a lot of home improvement ideas, woodworking and carpentry ideas and information, and good general do-it-yourself information.

  • Internet Movie Database is a good site with an incredible amount of movie and actor information regarding old and new movies as well as upcoming movies and projects. It also contains the same type of information on Television shows and series.

  • Internet Broadway Database is kind of like IMDB's little sister for New York Broadway theatre information. Not quite as extensive as IMDB but does have most Broadway shows that showed in NYC with Production staffs and Opening night cast information.


I started learning about computers and software on a Timex Sinclair 1000 and Commodore VIC 20. I Coded in BASIC and the TS1000 had 4K of memory to work with. I began to love computers and software development back in High School. My First useful program I wrote was a billiards game. It only had 6 balls and only allowed 3 shots but it was pretty advanced stuff for 1985.  My first software development job (we called it programming back then) was coding COBOL and RPG on an IBM AS/400. We printed everything with Line Printers and Greenbar paper

My web experience began with Macromedia's ColdFusion on Windows with a Linux and Oracle backend in the late 1990's.  I continued with ColdFusion through the late 2000's (it is now owned by Adobe) when I started using Python for some home projects. I learned Python on the Raspberry Pi, then continued learning on Windows. I have used Python on Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi servers both personally and professionally at UBS Financial and as part of my company Main Lagoon Inc. I have also used JavaScript and Java professionally and PHP and Ruby personally in the recent past. Used Oracle Database versions 8-12 on Windows, Linux and Z-Linux servers. Have used other database technologies such as MS SQL, MySQL, PostGRE SQL, DB2 and others. Used both Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies and have been using Agile or Hybrid agile process for years. I am a strong believer in training, but a bigger fan of training with a purpose. My training history can be found on my resume here.


Some of my favorite Technical websites include:

  • O'Reilly Books - My choice for everything Software Development. I have used OReilly.com for years since they called themselves Safari and then SafariOnline and now simply O'Reilly. Love the books, but the online learning videos, conference information, learning paths are all great. Well worth the few hundred dollars per year.

  • AskTom is probably the most well known sites for finding answers to tough Oracle questions. Tom Kyte is something like employee #4 at Oracle and has been answering questions about Oracle for over 20 years. Tom himself has now retired but the site bearing his name is still going strong with a small team of Oracle experts answering questions.

  • CSS Zen Garden is a great site for anyone looking to discover the power of CSS. The site has a very simple interface and the goal is to show what can be done with Cascading Style Sheets. Hundreds of Web Designers have contributed their designs to the site and you can click through them. With each click, you completely change the look of the site based on that designers vision. It is great to look at and great to get inspiration and ideas from.

  • Wikipedia and Agile Software Development entry Wikipedia is one of my go to sites for information on anything. The entry for Agile Software development is a relevant and well documented Wiki discussing Agile Software development as a whole. Many good books are cited and its a good read.

  • StackOverflow is probably one of best known public question and answer websites on the internet for any kind of question, but mainly used for technical coding questions.

  • BootStrap helps you build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world’s most popular front-end component library. Bootstrap was created as a side project by 2 web designers at Twitter and now is one of the most popular toolkits for building web pages. Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app with our Sass variables and mixins, responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful plugins built on jQuery.