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2019-07 Bathroom Remodel

My family has been working to renovate our lake house on Lake Hopatcong for the past 3 years. One of the big tasks as part of this renovation was completely redoing the 1st floor bathroom. The bathroom had been neglected for about 10 years and was built and not updated since 1980. We decided to renovate the bathroom, replace the current broken shower stall with a nice ceramic tile shower, new floor and ceiling. We also removed the very small sink in the bathroom and moved it to the the storage room outside the bathroom and making this room part of a bathroom suite rather than cramping everything into the small original bathroom. Below are pictures of the original bathroom and the storage area and during the demolition of these 2 rooms.



Once we demo'd the bathroom and storage area, we decided to handle the remodel in 2 stages. Stage One was to replace the floor, walls, ceiling, toilet and sink so that we had a workable bathroom. Second stage was to replace the shower. We did this in 2 stages because getting a working bathroom on the first floor was more important than getting a third shower in the house. Stage one took me about 2 months of weekends to complete in the fall of 2018. This included the demo and I did miss working on this for a couple weekends. Stage 2 took about 3 months to complete as the plumbing in the shower area had to be completely replaced and the shower pan took longer than I expected. Below are the pictures of the finished bathroom.