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2020-02 Broadway Playbill Showcase

This is the Broadway Display case that I built for my Step-Daughter Morgan so she can display her Playbills from the Broadway Musicals we have gone to.  I came up with the idea by looking on the Instructables website and saw that someone built one similar for displaying their comic book collection.  The display door opens up and the Playbills are held in place by a hinged wooden gate on top and a slotted wooden base.  I also installed LED lights that can be controlled by either a remote or by a Phone App.  See the pictures below.

The first photo is one of two slotted bases that hold the Playbills in place. It took a little bit of trial and error to get the slot wide enough to easily fit 2 Playbills so that they could be overlapped slightly. The second photo is a side view of the box. The box is held onto the wall with a french cleat.


The bottom 2 photos show the case from the front and another with the LED lights on and set to blue.  They can be set to any number of colors and can even blink to the beat of music.