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2019-02 St. Moritz Switzerland

Travelling to Europe to ski has always been a dream of mine. I travelled to Japan to ski the year before and had a wonderful time. The skiing in Japan was really good, the culture was very different and very interesting and the sights were amazing. I had much the same excitement leading up to my trip. We flew overnight into Zurich and arrived in the early morning. The bus trip to St. Moritz is normally 4 hours but since they just recently had 40 inches of snow in 3 days, the trip was more like 6.5 hours. The hotel was nice, but the village of St. Moritz and the mountains were beautiful.

On the left, is a view of the mountains from the top of the Corviglia peak at 3057m (10,030 ft). The first thing I noticed was that trees did not grow on these mountains like in the Rockies and Vermont in the US. There are 3 glaciers in this photo mostly to the right of the photo. The lake is Lake St. Moritz which when it freezes over, becomes a horse racing track. We did not see the horse races because we arrived too late on Sunday but every sunday morning in the winter they race horses on the lake. Supposedly, it is very popular and millions of Francs are wagered on the races every Sunday.  We walked the track and if you did not know, you would think you were just walking a snow covered path on land. The picture below right is the group I skied with all week. We all skied at about the same level and had a great time Apres as well. We skied Corviglia, Corvatsch and Diavolezza while in St Moritz with Diavolezza being the smallest but my favorite because it was wide open and very steep.

The next two pictures are the Gondolas in Corvatsch. The Gondolas held close to 200 people and were full all day but they ran constantly.  They were the only way besides the Funicular Train to get from the bottom of the mountain to the mid station of the mountain.  Corvatsch is the largest ski resort in St Moritz and with a peak of 3303 m (10,837 ft), it was the tallest as well. The trails in Corvatsch are mostly beginner and intermediate but are fun and because it was so large, we never skied the same slope more than once. Lunches all 5 days of skiing was on the mountain at a mid station cafes. We stayed at the Club Med in St. Moritz and the setup for eating lunch was fantastic.  The food was pretty good but not quite as interesting as the foods like the Ramen bars in Japan. The bottom 2 photos are of the Bell Tower of Kirche St. Karl Borromäus church and of the leaning tower of St Moritz which was built around the same time as the Pisa tower but leans slightly less. St Moritz is a beautiful village with a nice mix of affordable hotels and really really unaffordable hotels. Badrutt's Palace was one hotel we saw that allowed its guests to travel in style in their choice of stretched Rolls Royce or stretched luxury custom SUV with TVs.

We then spent 2 days in Zurich and saw beautiful ParadePlatz, which is the trolley hub of the city where 9 or 10 trolley lines converge into this big plaza.  Shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, the electric cable cars, and so much history. For more information on the wonderful city of Zurich, see the following Wikipedia article Here. To see many more pictures of my trip, follow this link  here