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2020-02 Alta Snowbird Utah Trip

My first ski trip to Utah was a really great experience.  Salt Lake City Utah is a great ski town that has 7 major ski resorts within one hour of the city.  We stayed at the Cliff Lodge right on the Snowbird Mountain side of the resort.  Snowbird has some of the best snow and best skiing in the United States.  The picture at right is me in Mineral Basin, a beautiful basin nestled between the Alta and Snowbird Ski Resorts.  The Basin is a great way to ski between the 2 resorts.  You could take the shuttle bus but the basin offers some fantastic skiing.  We skied in the basin several times during our 6 days of skiing.  SLC averages 500 inches of snow per year and this year was an exception in that they had 500 inches of snow by the end of February and March is the biggest snowfall month of the year for Utah.  The skiing was absolutely fantastic although the weather conditions could change from beautiful blue skies to cloudy, windy and near zero visibility in a matter of minutes.  We experienced weather like this twice during the week and it was a little scary.  

We did not see alot of wild life on this trip, mainly because of the time of year and the amount of snow the mountain received but sign like the one at left were on every building in the Snowbird village.  The picture at right is part of the ski group we had.  Almost 40 people were on the trip and we had a really great time.  Besides the skiing, the food in the village was very good, although a bit on the expensive side and the shopping was pretty good as well.  The one downside to Snowbird and Alta though is the remoteness of the resorts.  These resorts are in a valley at least 20 miles from the nearest town so going outside the resort is difficult, especially without a car.  Snowbird was definitely the better skiing in my opinion, but Alta does offer one nice benefit if you are a skier who does not like snowboarders... Snowboarders are not allowed in the Alta Resort and Alta strictly enforces this


The cliff lodge (shown at right) was a very nice hotel and had great amenities such as a pool and hot tub slopeside which were great right after a day of skiing.  They also had a pretty nice spa and gym on the roof of the hotel that also had an even nicer pool and 2 hot tubs.  If you are going to Alta or Snowbird, I would recommend staying at the Cliff Lodge.  I definitely plan on going back to the SLC area to ski again.