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Hi HN,

I released Trane over the weekend: https://github.com/trane-project/trane. Trane is an automated system for learning complex skills. Think of it like defining a skills tree (technically a graph) of all the smaller skills you need to master a complex skill and having an automated system to automatically traverse the graph as you master them.

The seed for Trane was planted after my frustration trying to learn music, and jazz in particular. There are simply too many things you need to master first (e.g. knowing the names of a note, knowing where the notes are in your instrument, timing, etc) and it becomes difficult to track what it is that you should focus on, and there is a process of constant atrophy, even if you practice consistently.

Trane is an early state, but is already usable. I have released a command line interface at https://github.com/trane-project/trane-cli and some music courses at https://github.com/trane-project/trane-music.

I would like to get some ideas in regard to what other skills could be a good fit for Trane. I am thinking chess, programming, or languages could be a fit. I am wondering if Trane could be applied to something like learning pure mathematics. I would love to hear any suggestions. Perhaps there's some of you who have found a similar issue while practicing your own hobbies.

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