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After suffering a string of audacious attacks, Tehran faces an agonizing choice: embracing hard-liner demands for swift retaliation, or trying to make a fresh start with the Biden administration. Go to article - Brazen Killings Expose Iran’s Vulnerabilities as It Struggles to Respond
The killing of Iran’s top nuclear scientist is likely to impede the country’s military ambitions. Its real purpose may have been to prevent the president-elect from resuming diplomacy with Tehran. Go to article - Assassination in Iran Threatens Fate of Nuclear Deal
On April 15, more Americans were reported dead of Covid-19 than on any other day of the pandemic. The daily toll is growing close once more. Go to article - Virus Deaths Approach Spring Record Amid Changing U.S. Crisis
As school districts diverge on handling the pandemic, Baltimore City Public Schools are slowly trying to get students back in the classroom. It has not been easy, but neither has remote learning. Go to article - Week in the Life of a Baltimore School Getting Back to Class
The milestone came as Americans are traveling by the millions for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Catch up on the latest. Go to article - U.S. Passes 4 Million Cases in November, Doubling October’s Tally
The 49ers would need to train away from their headquarters for three weeks under an order from local health officials. The Broncos have none of their quarterbacks available for their game on Sunday. Go to article - Virus Disruptions Hit 49ers and Broncos, as N.F.L. Crisis Grows
Fuller, a goalkeeper for Vanderbilt’s women’s soccer team, was asked to play because the football team’s kicking unit could not practice because of the coronavirus. Go to article - Sarah Fuller, With a Kickoff, Is the First Woman to Play Football in a Power 5 Game
They refuted conspiracy theories, certified results, dismissed lawsuits and repudiated a president of their own party. Go to article - Even as Trump Claimed Fraud, These Republicans Didn’t Bend
Despite the president-elect’s vow to halt the project, the Trump administration is expanding the wall at a breakneck pace. Go to article - A Rush to Expand the Border Wall That Many Fear Is Here to Stay
Some of the president-elect’s choices for top posts have done work for undisclosed corporate clients and aided a fund that invests in government contractors. Go to article - Biden Aides’ Ties to Consulting and Investment Firms Pose Ethics Test
In the early days of online retailing, he realized that the key to success was making people feel comfortable and secure shopping on the internet. Go to article - Tony Hsieh, Longtime Chief of Zappos, Is Dead at 46
Mr. Hsieh, who died at 46, tried to revitalize a corner of the city by attracting other entrepreneurs. Go to article - How Tony Hsieh Tried to Single-Handedly Transform Downtown Las Vegas
Tony Hsieh, C.E.O. of Zappos, is on an uphill mission to remake the company’s culture by banning the boss. Go to article - At Zappos, Pushing Shoes and a Vision
In several countries, entrenched leaders are taking advantage of coronavirus restrictions and a world distracted by the pandemic to clamp down hard on prominent political opponents. Go to article - Jailed, Exiled and Silenced: Smothering East Africa’s Political Opposition
David Tanis’s simple recipes can invigorate a weeknight dinner. Go to article - A Mediterranean-Inspired Menu
The documentary, directed by Alex Winter, portrays the musician and composer Frank Zappa as a sort of noble. Go to article - ‘Zappa’ Review: Portrait of a Rock Star and a Nation’s Hero
The coronavirus drove vacancies up in co-living buildings, but companies are offering rent deals and flexible leases to bring demand back. Go to article - How Will Co-Living Survive the Pandemic?
On a special episode of the podcast, taped live, editors from The New York Times Book Review discuss this year’s outstanding fiction and nonfiction. Go to article - Talking About the 10 Best Books of 2020
From family mysteries and Native American history to stories that delight, here’s what the show’s host, Ira Glass, recommends to get you through the week. Go to article - Ira Glass Recommends These 'This American Life' Episodes
For New Yorkers starting new chapters, the struggles of the coronavirus pandemic took on additional intensity. Go to article - In the Face of Challenges, ‘Thinking of Yourself in a Higher Light’
To the dismay of Democrats, the president’s strategy of ignoring the pandemic mostly worked for Republicans. Go to article - Why Did So Many Americans Vote for Trump?
Too many people are still longing for their old routines. Get some new ones instead. Go to article - Pandemic-Proof Your Habits
The assassination of a top nuclear scientist isn’t about stopping a bomb — it’s about preventing diplomacy. Joe Biden doesn’t have to let it work. Go to article - A Scorched Earth Strategy on Iran
When one party becomes detached from reality. Go to article - The Rotting of the Republican Mind
The nation, and the Democratic Party, desperately needs a replacement for the tired story that tax cuts drive economic growth. Go to article - Let’s Talk About Higher Wages
Churches are doing what politicians have been unable to do, rescuing Americans from crushing medical bills. Go to article - When Churches Rescue Americans From Crushing Covid
Philip Brickman was an expert in the psychology of happiness, but he couldn’t make his own pain go away. Go to article - Happiness Won’t Save You
No arguments — or turkey — this Thanksgiving. Just a cocktail. Go to article - Oh, Brother! Tears for Trump
A virtuoso jazz pianist and film composer tracks his family’s lineage through his 91-year-old grandfather from Jim Crow Florida to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Go to article - ‘Never Think That You’re Not Supposed to Be There’
Should masks be stored with the underwear or with the socks? Go to article - I’ve Been Wearing Masks for Months and I Still Have Questions
In the pursuit of surveillance as a service, Jeff Bezos is intent on recording even our moods. How much personal data is too much to give to Amazon? Go to article - Amazon Wants to Get Even Closer. Skintight.
It can be tempting to ascribe the affliction’s prevalence to our current climate of indulgence, but that’s not the full story. Go to article - Once the Disease of Gluttonous Aristocrats, Gout Is Now Tormenting the Masses
The metal structure has been removed, Utah officials said on Saturday, adding that they had not taken it down. Go to article - Utah Monolith Mysteriously Disappears From Desert
A lack of hard facts has not prevented plenty of speculation as to whether Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the royal family ever watch their fictionalized selves. Go to article - Do the Royals Watch ‘The Crown’?
Mike Tyson is scheduled to fight Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition that is more show and nostalgia than high-level boxing. Go to article - Updates: Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Give Boxing a Throwback Party
After heavy artillery strikes on Saturday, the federal government claimed the city of Mekelle was now under its control, but there was no way to independently confirm the assertion. Go to article - Ethiopia Claims Victory in Tigray Conflict After Shelling Restive Region’s Capital
Intense violence, including a deadly market bombing on Tuesday in one of the few remaining Afghan havens, Bamiyan, has Afghan officials pleading for continued assistance. Go to article - Donors Pledge Less Aid to Afghanistan During a Violent Chapter
Critics are protesting the nomination of Effie Eitam, a retired general and far-right politician, to lead Yad Vashem, a hallowed Israeli institution. Go to article - Israel’s Pick to Head Holocaust Memorial Stirs International Uproar
The last cat to live in the White House, India, belonged to President George W. Bush. Go to article - A Cat Is Said to Be Joining the Bidens in the White House
With a deadline looming, locals scramble to raise enough money to buy the White Horse Tavern — and save the soul of their community. Go to article - Closing Time for a Village’s Last Pub?
The scandal surrounding the writer Gabriel Matzneff was not limited to his pedophilia. It also opened a window on the entrenched and clubby nature of many of France’s elite institutions. Go to article - Pedophile Scandal Can’t Crack the Closed Circles of Literary France
A rise in demand for heating equipment has left some products back-ordered for months, possibly jeopardizing prospects for some businesses of getting through the pandemic intact. Go to article - As Winter Arrives, Heaters Become a Survival Tool for Businesses
The incoming administration aims to tackle child care, elder care, preschool and more in one ambitious aid program. Go to article - Biden’s Plan for Seniors Is Not Just a Plan for Seniors
Under the pandemic relief program, taxpayers can deduct up to $300, even if they take the standard deduction. And even if $300 doesn’t sound like much, it’s “a big deal” to the needy. Go to article - It’s Easier to Get a Tax Deduction for Donations This Year
Sure, you’re not floating 250 miles above the ground, but you can still use the same tactics astronauts use to keep going. Go to article - How to Deal With Life in Long-Term Isolation
Give someone the gift of healthy living this year with one of these gift ideas from the writers and editors of Well. Go to article - Holiday Gifts for Health and Wellness
The essence of mys is the feeling of warmth. And the best city to stock up on mys-making supplies is Stockholm. Go to article - Danish Hygge Is So Last Year. Say Hello to Swedish Mys.
Susan MacTavish Best’s New York loft gets fewer guests these days, but it’s still full of art and objects that tell stories of their own. Go to article - A Homey Party House in SoHo
“It’s this very cool win, win, win,” said one restaurant owner. Go to article - How the Pandemic Inspired a Kitchen-Share Scene Among Out-of-Work Chefs
“Racist ideas continue to shape our consciousness.” Go to article - Claudia Rankine Wishes More Writers Thought About Whiteness
New shows come to the streaming giant all the time — too many to ever watch them all. We’re here to help. Go to article - The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now
It might be possible, physicists say, but not anytime soon. And there’s no guarantee that we humans will understand the result. Go to article - Can a Computer Devise a Theory of Everything?
With help from computer algorithms, researchers designed proteins from scratch that can trounce the coronavirus in lab animals. Go to article - Coronavirus Antibodies Good. Machine-Made Molecules Better?
You might assume that 95 out of every 100 people vaccinated will be protected from Covid-19. But that’s not how the math works. Go to article - Are Covid-19 Vaccines Really 95% Effective?
A biologist decided to investigate a shrimp parade that attracts thousands of tourists in a province of Thailand. Go to article - These Shrimp Leave the Safety of Water and Walk on Land. But Why?
A cento is a poem written using borrowed lines, like ones from this publication. Don’t forget to give credit. Go to article - Make a Poem From Newspaper
With the transition underway, President-elect Joe Biden can plan his pandemic response. Go to article - Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today
Create words using letters round the square. Go to article - Letter Boxed
Solve the daily puzzle edited by Will Shortz, or try out other games like the Mini and Vertex. Go to article - The Crossword, Spelling Bee and More
Our soothing matching game may help you de-stress. Go to article - Tiles