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While the president’s Republican allies generally kept their silence, Democrats pounced and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the party’s presidential candidate, posted a video noting that the president paid less in income taxes than everyday Americans. Go to article - Trump Deflects Questions About Taxes, but First Debate Has a New Issue
Unfolding in a stable presidential race and a tumultuous election year, the debate may be less likely than past ones to sway voters. But it is still an opportunity for President Trump in particular. Go to article - Biden and Trump’s First Debate: What to Watch For
President Trump’s tax avoidance, which came to light after a Times report, is likely to feature prominently in tonight’s debate. Follow our updates here. Go to article - Debate Updates: Trump and Biden Prepare for a Clash
A printing error has left voters scrambling for answers and could undermine their confidence in the New York City Board of Elections. Go to article - In Brooklyn, Many Absentee Ballots Have Errors, Voters Say
Many Trump supporters do not believe that he can or will lose, and say he would be justified in questioning whether Democrats manipulated the outcome. But some believe a loss is a loss. Go to article - How Trump Voters Feel About His Refusal to Commit to Transferring Power
White House officials pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to play down the risks of sending children back to school. Here’s the latest. Go to article - N.Y.C. Positivity Rate Ticks Up and Elementary Schools Reopen Doors
The C.D.C. and leading experts have concluded, using different scientific methods, that as many as 90 percent of Americans are still vulnerable to infection. Go to article - Pandemic Is Far From Over, Experts Say, Despite Trump Allies’ Claims
People with extra weight may struggle to mount a robust immune response to the coronavirus — and may respond poorly to a vaccine. Go to article - Studies Begin to Untangle Obesity’s Role in Covid-19
The Kentucky attorney general’s office said it would release the panel’s recordings after a grand juror contended in a court filing that its discussions were inaccurately characterized. Go to article - Grand Jury Deliberations in Breonna Taylor Case Will Be Released
Dusty hunters seek valuable old bottles of whiskey and other spirits. This one found the collection of a lifetime. Go to article - 'Dusty Hunter' Scores Cecil B. DeMille's Liquor Collection
And what else you need to know today. Go to article - A Free-College Experiment
It won't be like the school they left: Nine students will sit at desks six feet apart in classrooms that used to hold 30 children. Go to article - NYC Schools Reopening: Elementary Students Return After 6 Months
Scott Anderson discusses “The Quiet Americans,” and Peter Baker and Susan Glasser talk about “The Man Who Ran Washington.” Go to article - C.I.A. Operatives in the Early Years of the Cold War
An investigation by The New York Times has unraveled some of the financial myths that President Trump has created around himself. Go to article - President Trump's Taxes
It’s back to school — or is it? Go to article - Coronavirus Schools Briefing
Tuesday: When an infection was detected at a hatchery, officials, already under statewide shelter-in-place orders, moved to institute a lockdown of their own. Go to article - Strange Bacteria Are Attacking California’s Trout Supply
Donald Trump’s tax returns illustrate the profound inequities of the tax code and the shambolic state of federal enforcement. Go to article - The Picture of a Broken Tax System
The U.S. spent 15 years preparing for the coronavirus. Why did we handle it so badly? Go to article - Why America Ignored Its Coronavirus Response Plan
The president — our chief law enforcement and national security official — could be facing huge liabilities. That’s chilling. Go to article - Trump’s Debt, His Future and Ours
Maybe it is time to face the fact that abortion access will be fought for in legislatures, not courts. Go to article - The Case for Accepting Defeat on Roe
Americans have gotten used to all sorts of mandates. There’s no reason it should be this hard to enforce ones around the coronavirus. Go to article - We All Wear Seatbelts. We Can’t Learn to Wear Masks?
From China to Ukraine, this president has acted at odds with American foreign policy. Imagine what he could do with four more years. Go to article - Trump Has Sold Off America’s Credibility for His Personal Gain
And it’s not only because of Hamilton and Burr. Go to article - There’s a Reason the Election of 1800 Still Sings Out to Us
Maybe that’s why he sucks up to Putin. Go to article - Does Donald Trump Need a Bailout?
Readers react to The Times’s investigation of the president’s finances. Go to article - The Revelations About Donald Trump’s Taxes
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a chance to fight corruption at the top. But he needs to uphold the law on all sides to be effective. Go to article - Mexico and the Gods of Corruption
‘Being a lesbian who’s voting for Trump is like coming out of the closet again.’ Go to article - Meet a Secret Trump Voter
Stretching the limits of documentary photography, Diana Markosian’s autofictional “Santa Barbara” is the most authentic project of her career. Go to article - Is Diana Markosian's Project a Soap Opera or Real Life? It's Both
An Instagram platform, now a book, documents real-life settings that look like frames from the director’s movies. Go to article - When Life Looks Like a Wes Anderson Movie
A grad student’s discovery “cuts straight through the widely held perception of Hopper as an American original,” without a debt to others, a Whitney curator said. Go to article - Early Works by Edward Hopper Found to Be Copies of Other Artists
The emir steered the tiny, oil-rich country through the tumultuous rivalries of the Middle East. Go to article - Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Emir, Dies at 91
Robert Chody, the sheriff in Williamson County, is accused of tampering with a video of a fatal 2019 traffic stop made by the crew of a police ride-along program. Go to article - Williamson County Sheriff Indicted Over 'Live PD' Video of Fatal Traffic Stop
Marion County deputies responded to a call about a “possible hostage situation” on Monday afternoon, the sheriff’s office said. It was not immediately clear who fired the shots, or how many people died. Go to article - Multiple People Killed After Oregon Police Respond to Call About Hostages
Detained by the Chinese Coast Guard as they tried to flee the city, the activists are now in the hands of the mainland’s opaque criminal justice system. Go to article - For Hong Kong Protesters Caught at Sea, Trial in China Is Likely
The carrier pledged to use inclusive language in a country where gender roles are entrenched. Go to article - No More ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ on Japan Airlines
In the months since the pandemic took hold in the U.S., the opioid epidemic has taken a sharp turn for the worse. More than 40 states have seen increases in overdoses. Go to article - Coronavirus Pandemic Drives Hike in Opioid Deaths
A series of research papers renews hope that the long-elusive goal of mimicking the way the sun produces energy might be achievable. Go to article - Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is ‘Very Likely to Work,’ Studies Suggest
Embracing solar panels to save money, homeowners have made the country a powerhouse in renewable energy. Go to article - How Coal-Loving Australia Became the Leader in Rooftop Solar
Joe Biden’s economic proposals show how the president has shifted the playing field toward protectionism. But there may be fewer jobs to lose, or regain. Go to article - Trump, Biden and Domestic Economic Policy
There will be many traps to fall into, so watch out. Go to article - 5 Things to Avoid on Prime Day
If you’re reading this, you probably already know the answer. Go to article - Should You Break Up?
Choose the right time. Be vulnerable. Don't try to solve all their problems. Go to article - How to Ask if Everything Is OK When It’s Clearly Not
The first step toward a solid evacuation plan is pulling together all the gear you need, before you need it. Go to article - How to Pack an Emergency Bag
Working with them in the wilderness means negotiating countless shifting variables. Sounds a lot like the world we’re living in. Go to article - What My Sled Dogs Taught Me About Planning for the Unknown
Historians recently gathered at Civil War sites across the country in an effort to highlight distortions, omissions and the erasure of Black contributions. Go to article - Amid the Monument Wars, a Rally for ‘More History’
With a big cast of characters, “Missionaries” tells the story of Colombian narco gangs and the government and military agencies who pursue them. Go to article - Phil Klay’s New Novel Is a Sobering Look at America’s Wars
A guesthouse remodel is helped by a passion for reading, in particular an escapist book series. Step into the wardrobe, please. Go to article - A Narnia-Inspired Design, on Long Island
“For those keeping score, Trump paid $750 in taxes and $130,000 to a porn star, which means if the I.R.S. wants to get money from Trump, you guys know what you got to do,” Trevor Noah joked on Monday. Go to article - Late Night Weighs In on Trump’s Taxes
Emilio Gómez won his way into the tournament 30 years after his father, Andrés, won the men’s singles title there. Go to article - Gómez and Korda in French Open Decades After Their Fathers Played It, Too
Two recent research efforts looked into the southern alligator lizard, which has one of nature’s more extreme mating strategies. Go to article - Hold Me, Squeeze Me, Bite My Head
As seniors find themselves cut off from loved ones during the pandemic, some are turning to automated animals for company. Go to article - In Isolating Times, Can Robo-Pets Provide Comfort?
Selective mutism is a common anxiety condition whereby kids who are normally chatty at home clam up around outsiders or at school. Go to article - Sometimes It’s Not Just Shyness
A rigorous three-month study found that people lost little weight, and much of that may have been from muscle. Go to article - A Potential Downside of Intermittent Fasting
Fox News, the president’s favored network, will face enormous pressure to call the election for Mr. Trump. The outcome rests on a little-known 65-year-old wonk who will declare the winner. Go to article - Trump Wants to Discredit the Election. This Nerd Could Stop Him.
Puzzle throughout the day to see how many words you can find. Go to article - Spelling Bee
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