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A little-noticed police action in Jerusalem last month was one of several incidents that led to the current crisis. Go to article - What Is Happening in Israel and Gaza? Here's What to Know.
The airstrike destroyed a tower that houses The Associated Press and Al Jazeera. Hamas fired more rockets at Tel Aviv. Here’s the latest on the conflict. Go to article - Israeli Strike Hits Gaza Media Tower as Violence Intensifies
Divisions within the party have burst into public view, with the party’s ascendant left viewing the Mideast conflict as a searing racial justice issue that carries echoes of U.S. politics. Go to article - Tensions Among Democrats Grow Over Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Trump officials said the Abraham Accords between Israel and four Arab states would transform the region, but new Israeli-Palestinian clashes lay bare the limits of that change. Go to article - Violence in Israel Shakes Trump's Boast of 'New Middle East'
Sickle cell trait has been cited in dozens of police custody deaths ruled accidental or natural, even though the condition is benign on its own, a Times investigation found. Go to article - How Sickle Cell Trait in Black People Can Give the Police Cover
When President Biden joined a push to set aside patents for Covid shots, he entered a roiling debate over how to ensure poor countries get enough vaccine. Go to article - Why Vaccinating the World Against Covid-19 Will Be Hard
Government mandates are lifting, but these experts say the pandemic won’t really end nationally until more people, including children, are vaccinated. Go to article - 723 Epidemiologists on When and How the U.S. Can Fully Return to Normal
Walmart, Costco, Publix and Starbucks are among the retail giants effectively moving to an honor system. Here’s the latest on the pandemic. Go to article - Major U.S. Retailers Drop Mask Requirements
Heavy fines, felony charges and jail sentences: Republicans seeking to restrict voting are proposing strict punishments for election officials and workers who make errors or violate the rules. Go to article - G.O.P. Pursues Harsher Penalties for Poll Workers in Voting Crackdown
The party’s cancel mob runs wild on Capitol Hill. Go to article - The G.O.P.’s Big Cancellation
Records show that some people who are paid $1,000 a head by the government to give legally protected mustangs “good homes” are sending the horses to auction once they get the money. Go to article - Wild Horses Adopted Under a Federal Program Are Going to Slaughter
A powerful — and revealing — aspect of the Derek Chauvin trial was the community it created out of strangers. Go to article - The Derek Chauvin Trial Created a Community out of Witnesses
Watching his grandmother enter her third marriage, Jake Maynard wondered if marriage was about care, convention — or something else entirely. Go to article - Modern Love Podcast: ‘Why Do People Get Married?’
New laws cleaning up the sport of horse racing can’t come soon enough. Go to article - At the Preakness and Beyond, Horse Racing Needs to Clean Up Its Act
America has a role to play in bringing peace to both Israelis and Palestinians. Go to article - Bernie Sanders: The Approach the Israel-Palestine Conflict Needs
Climate change threatens Las Vegas and every other desert oasis town. Go to article - The Hoover Dam Made Life in the West Possible. Or So We Thought.
For those who have followed her career, her embrace of Trumpism doesn’t come as a big surprise. Go to article - Elise Stefanik Is Playing a Dangerous Game With Her Career
When the next crisis hits the Colonial Pipeline, it will once again shut down. Panic buying will resume. And people will ask, yet again: How did this happen? Go to article - How Charles Koch Benefits From the Colonial Pipeline's Troubles
The C.D.C. could have waited until we had managed to further reduce the spread of Covid-19. Go to article - Maybe We Need Masks Indoors Just a Bit Longer
Vaccinating the world is possible. The United States should lead the way. Go to article - America is Failing Its Moral Test on Vaccines
Afghanistan shows that change comes through teachers as well as troops. Go to article - What We Can Learn From Fearless Girls
When it comes to mistaken judgments, there is more than one kind of error. Go to article - Bias Is a Big Problem. But So Is ‘Noise.’
The meritocracy beats the radicals. Go to article - This Is How Wokeness Ends
We want to hear from readers under 30 about their changing views of race and racism. Go to article - Young Americans, How Has George Floyd’s Death Influenced Your Life?
The comedian is ending her daytime talk show after 19 years. Her segment “Ellen’s Wonderful Web of Wonderment” was the start of a new kind of fame. Go to article - What TikTok Stars Owe ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’
The Washington Capitals forward plays like a freight train, and it gets him into trouble. He is the teammate that everyone wants and the opponent that everyone loves to hate. Go to article - Tom Wilson Is Hockey’s Chief Villain. Or Is He?
What will happen to the city after the pandemic? Here are five scenarios to ponder. Go to article - What is the Future of New York City?
A Black man from South Africa was shot and killed in an encounter with the police in his adopted home, Hawaii. His countrymen want answers. Go to article - A Police Shooting in Hawaii Has South Africans Demanding Justice
The university system has reached a settlement with students to scrap even optional testing from admissions and scholarship decisions. Go to article - University of California Will No Longer Consider SAT and ACT Scores
The post time for the race is 6:47 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday. Go to article - Preakness Stakes: Start Time and Other Details
Japanese scientists who studied an unusual method of delivering oxygen in mammals hope to one day try it in people. Go to article - Breathing Through the Rectum Saves Oxygen-Starved Mice and Pigs
The success establishes China as a principal contender in what some see as a new era of space competition. Go to article - What We Know About China’s Mars Rover Zhurong Landing
A 3-day cease-fire is violated, but Afghans brave dangerous roads to celebrate a holiday with families. Go to article - A Fragile Ceasefire Lets Afghans Risk Travel for Eid
Ioannis Lagos was a leading member of the extreme-right and now-defunct Golden Dawn, which rose to prominence in Greece’s Parliament in 2012 at the peak of the country’s financial crisis. Go to article - Greek Neo-Nazi, a Member of Europe’s Parliament, Sent to Prison
Mr. Koester’s Delmark Records and his Chicago record store were vital in preserving and promoting music the big labels tended to overlook. Go to article - Bob Koester, Revered Figure in Jazz and Blues, Dies at 88
The game, first released in 1996, has seen a resurgence in recent years. The pandemic sent demand for some cards into overdrive. Go to article - Target Stops Selling Pokémon Cards, Citing Safety Concerns
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times. Go to article - 9 New Books We Recommend This Week
A reader asks for advice on dealing with neighbors who don’t enforce mask-wearing with their kids. Go to article - Can My Daughter Play With Unmasked Children?
Once you can confidently go forward, it’s time to learn how to skate in reverse. Go to article - How to Roller-Skate Backward
The veteran supermodel is contesting the will of her late husband, Ric Ocasek — and writing herself a splashy new chapter. Go to article - Paulina Porizkova on Instagram, Aaron Sorkin and Aging
She’s the bard of Nantucket and the doyenne of flip-flops, outdoor showers and pink sunsets. Haven’t read her books? Start here. Go to article - The Best Elin Hilderbrand Books
Since the pandemic has driven home renovation costs up, how about some secondhand ways to save some money? Go to article - Going on a Scavenger Hunt to Finish Your Kitchen Renovation
The less celebrated side of the artist’s career, his photographs, receive deserved attention in a new book. Go to article - What You Didn’t Know About Barkley L. Hendricks
Andrea Pirlo was given a difficult task and failed at it. But if Juventus misses out on next season’s Champions League, it won’t be entirely his fault. Go to article - Juventus Finds Its Fall Guy in Andrea Pirlo
The country has managed to avoid a variant-fueled spike in coronavirus cases. Scientists say we were lucky. Go to article - How the United States Beat the Coronavirus Variants, for Now
Scientists found that the fish were gradually domesticated like dog breeds into the beautiful shapes and colors that turn up today in pet stores. Go to article - The 1,000-Year Secret That Made Betta Fish Beautiful
Health care systems are trying to answer the central question of how to care for patients when climate change threatens their ability to remain open. Go to article - How Hospitals Can Help Patients and the Planet
Many young adults moved back in with their parents during the pandemic. Now the parents are facing a second exodus. Go to article - Emptying the Nest. Again.
A federal judge said Randall Menges should be removed from a sex-offender registry, but the Montana attorney general plans to fight to keep him on it. Go to article - At 18, He Had Consensual Sex With 2 Teens. Montana Wants Him to Stay a Registered Offender.
A private lawn or patio is not a public playground, but some people need the obvious explained to them. Go to article - How Do I Stop Children From Playing on My Property?
The three-bedroom house, where Ms. Marton and the diplomat Richard C. Holbrooke had spent weekends, is on the market for $4.65 million. Go to article - The Writer Kati Marton Is Selling Her Cottage in Southampton
A bored musician used Photoshop to depict a modern version of the first president. A Washington biographer and an impersonator had thoughts on its accuracy. Go to article - What Would George Washington Look Like Today? A Pandemic Creation Draws Attention.
As Mr. Biden settles into the office he has chased for more than three decades, aides say he demands hours of debate from scores of policy experts. Go to article - Beneath Joe Biden’s Folksy Demeanor, a Short Fuse and an Obsession With Details
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