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The company has added 427,300 employees in 10 months, bringing its global work force to more than 1.2 million. Go to article - Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal
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Mexico is set to shatter another murder record, but that grim reality is nowhere to be seen on the TikTok videos that go viral by showcasing drug cartel culture. Go to article - Guns, Drugs and Viral Content: Welcome to Cartel TikTok
He pioneered the use of strobe photography to break down a golfer’s swing. He was also innovative, even crafty, in documenting P.G.A. tournaments for decades. Go to article - Leonard Kamsler, a Dissecting Golf Photographer, Dies at 85
Cho Joo-bin was convicted of blackmailing young women into making sexually explicit video clips that he sold online. Go to article - Cho Joo-bin Gets 40 Years in South Korean Prison for Sexual Exploitation
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#WriteInTrumpForGA was one of Twitter’s top trending topics, though such a campaign might only hurt Republicans. Go to article - No, Trump cannot win Georgia’s electoral votes through a write-in Senate campaign.
The company, which has largely escaped the scrutiny faced by other social media outfits, is being pushed to restrict misleading videos. Go to article - YouTube, under pressure over election falsehoods, suspends OAN for Covid-19 misinformation.
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