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The Philippine leader, who harnessed the social network as he rose to power, is now making vague threats to shut it down. Go to article - Philippine leader Duterte Lashes Out at Facebook After Fake Accounts Removed
The two companies argued in federal court over Apple’s power over apps, as their fight heads to trial next year. Go to article - Apple and Epic Games Spar Over Returning Fortnite to the App Store
Some companies like Netflix and Spotify had avoided making the payment when people paid for something inside their apps. Go to article - Google Demands 30% Cut From App Developers in Its Play Store
After a battle with transportation regulators, the ride-hailing firm was granted an 18-month license. Go to article - Uber Can Continue Operating in London, Judge Rules
The company said normal service had been restored after some users reported problems sending messages and connecting for about two hours Tuesday morning. Go to article - Slack Says It Fixed Slowdown That Sidelined Some Workers
Appropriating anti-trafficking narratives is helping the pro-Trump conspiracy theory fuel its community’s hunger for vengeance. Go to article - How ‘Save the Children’ Is Keeping QAnon Alive
And what might we gain and lose from that? Go to article - Can Amazon Conquer the World?
Attacks against small towns, big cities and the contractors who run their voting systems have federal officials fearing that hackers will try to sow chaos around the election. Go to article - Ransomware Attacks Take On New Urgency Ahead of Vote
A federal judge’s preliminary injunction means the app stores can continue offering the video app for downloads for now. Go to article - TikTok Wins Reprieve From U.S. Ban
The export controls follow a review in which the United States concluded that Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation’s chips may be used by the Chinese military. Go to article - U.S. Places Restrictions on China’s Leading Chip Maker
The e-commerce giant had struggled to gain a foothold in a society that prefers to shop in person, with cash, but now Italians are hooked on online shopping. Go to article - Pasta, Wine and Inflatable Pools: How Amazon Conquered Italy in the Pandemic
“People are basically good” was eBay’s founding principle. But in the deranged summer of 2019, prosecutors say, a campaign to terrorize a blogger crawled out of a dark place in the corporate soul. Go to article - Inside eBay’s Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal
As seniors find themselves cut off from loved ones during the pandemic, some are turning to automated animals for company. Go to article - In Isolating Times, Can Robo-Pets Provide Comfort?
These days, there’s no limit — or reason — to the intimate objects sold online. Go to article - Strangers' Things
Officials moved swiftly when old images of discarded mail-in ballots were circulated and portrayed as new pictures. Go to article - California County Enlists Social Media to Thwart a Misleading Election Photo
Ruth Bader Ginsburg obituaries, reports of missing children and stories from a right-wing satire site made up the week’s most highly engaged stories on social media. Go to article - What Went Viral This Week
Improving technology could make it possible to better anticipate weather conditions weeks in advance, especially in the tropics. Go to article - A Hopeful Forecast: More Accurate Long-Term Weather Predictions
How much should Facebook be held responsible for what happens on its site? Go to article - Facebook’s Power This Election
Google’s parent company was hit with a wave of lawsuits after The New York Times reported that an accused executive had received a $90 million exit package. Go to article - Alphabet Settles Shareholder Suits Over Sexual Harassment Claims
A spokeswoman for the liberal financier said he had “absolutely not” paid for the rental of a truck used in a protest in Louisville. Go to article - Without Evidence, Right-Wing Commentators Link Soros to Louisville U-Haul
People experienced outages of services like Gmail, YouTube and Google Meet. Go to article - Google Services Go Down in Some Parts of U.S.
The social network said it was moving proactively to dismantle infrastructure Russia could use against the American presidential election. Go to article - Facebook Takes Down Networks Linked to Russian Disinformation
Videos and viral images claiming to tell “the truth about” Black victims of police shootings are years old. This week, they are circulating about Breonna Taylor. Go to article - The Truth About ‘The Truth About Breonna Taylor’ Meme
Videos and viral images claiming to tell “the truth about” Black victims of police shootings are years old. This week, they are circulating about Breonna Taylor. Go to article - The Truth About ‘The Truth About Breonna Taylor’ Meme
Google is facing the possibility of multiple antitrust lawsuits. Here’s why and what’s ahead. Go to article - What’s the Deal With Google Now?
Mr. Mayer, for years a top dealmaker at Disney, is in advanced talks with RedBird Capital, which has holdings in sports, entertainment and financial services. Go to article - Kevin Mayer in Talks to Join RedBird Capital
Spotify, Match Group, Epic Games and others have created a nonprofit alliance that they hope will amplify a protest against the power of the giants. Go to article - To Fight Apple and Google, Smaller App Rivals Organize a Coalition
Tech platforms have struggled to keep false and misleading information about mail-in ballots off their services. Go to article - YouTube Tries Again to Amplify Accurate Voting Information
While President Trump has blessed a deal for TikTok, the video app filed to stop a ban of its service that is set to go into effect on Sunday. Go to article - TikTok Files for Injunction to Stop Ban of App
President Trump and his allies have made criticism of major tech platforms a regular talking point as he campaigns for re-election. Go to article - Justice Dept. Urges Congress to Limit Tech’s Legal Shield
An edited version of a video has been shared by people close to the president, including his son Eric Trump. Go to article - False Claims, Spread by a Trump Son, That Biden Used a Teleprompter
Away from the political drama of the TikTok deal, Walmart has been taking steps that are already changing the company and, by extension, the broader retail sector. Go to article - Beyond TikTok, Walmart Looks to Transform
U.S. lawmakers are digging into questions about how to steer technology to make our lives better. Go to article - Hooray (Mostly) for the Government!
An artist and movie production designer, he helped shape the aesthetics of science fiction with his work on movies including “Star Wars,” “Alien” and “Back to the Future.” Go to article - Ron Cobb, a Pioneer in Science Fiction Design, Dies at 83
The results diverge from past research that said older people were more likely to share false news articles on social media. Go to article - Young People More Likely to Believe Virus Misinformation, Study Says
Tesla said it was working on advances that would lower the cost of batteries and increase their capacity to store energy. Go to article - Elon Musk Promises to Make a $25,000 Tesla (in 3 Years)
Mentions of the racist theory about Ms. Harris spiked higher than the peak of similar lies about President Barack Obama in 2017. Go to article - ‘Birtherism’ Lies About Kamala Harris Exceed Those About Obama
The decision to narrow the case to search could set off separate lawsuits from states over Google’s power in other business segments. Go to article - Justice Dept. Case Against Google Is Said to Focus on Search Dominance
Banned apps, nefarious theories, trade wars, voiceless users. The case of TikTok isn’t news to most of the world. Go to article - TikTok and WeChat: What They Tell Us About the Global Internet
William B. Crews was especially focused on undermining efforts to persuade the public to wear masks. Go to article - This Misinformation Was Coming From Inside the House
The social media campaign was small but targeted all sides of the debate. Officials said Beijing had not decided whether to wade more directly in the American presidential race. Go to article - Facebook Takes Down Fake Pages Created in China Aimed at Trump, Biden
What if big tech companies paid for lower income Americans to have fast internet access? Go to article - A Capitalist Fix to the Digital Divide