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The company’s decisive victory deals a crushing blow to organized labor, which had hoped the time was ripe to start making inroads. Go to article - Amazon Workers Defeat Union Effort in Alabama
The island is going to great lengths to keep water flowing to its all-important semiconductor industry, including shutting off irrigation to legions of rice growers. Go to article - Taiwan's Drought Pits Chip Makers Against Farmers
Hundreds of sellers are offering false and stolen vaccine cards, as businesses and states weigh proof of vaccinations for getting people back to work and play. Go to article - Online Scammers Have a New Offer for You: Vaccine Cards
A hastily formed crowdsourcing operation to contain the insects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia could help manage climate-related disasters everywhere. Go to article - As Locusts Swarmed East Africa, This Tech Helped Squash Them
Some families have come to prefer stand-alone virtual schools and districts are rushing to accommodate them — though questions about remote learning persist. Go to article - Online Schools Are Here to Stay, Even After the Pandemic
With a little ingenuity, your sheet of newsprint can float safely to the ground. Go to article - Make a Parachute Out of Newspaper
A special team led by a high-level manager says Rupert Murdoch’s paper must evolve to survive. But a rivalry between editor and publisher stands in the way. Go to article - Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal
The penalty is the biggest move to date in China’s campaign to tighten supervision of its internet Goliaths. Go to article - Alibaba Faces $2.8 Billion Fine From Chinese Regulators
After an election defeat in Alabama, many in labor are shifting strategies, wary of the challenges and expense of winning votes site by site. Go to article - Amazon Union Vote: Labor Loss May Bring Shift in Strategy
The concept of documenting vaccinations is being taken to new levels of sophistication, and experts predict that electronic verification will soon become commonplace. Go to article - Vaccine Passports: What Are They, and Who Might Need One?
With about half the ballots counted late Thursday, votes against unionization had a more than 2-to-1 advantage, according to a tally by The New York Times. Go to article - Partial tally in Amazon union drive favors ‘No’ votes.
A virtual assistant is just one tool that lets you use your voice to share your thoughts, capture a moment or just get things done. Go to article - 5 Tips for Smartphone Voice Tools
Start-ups and tech companies are creating products to address women’s health care needs. It’s still a small segment of the market, but growing. Go to article - Is ‘Femtech’ the Next Big Thing in Health Care?
People used Yahoo Answers to ask weird questions, seek help and make jokes. But the service offered “real human reaction, for better or for worse,” one longtime observer said. Go to article - Yahoo Answers, a Haven for the Confused, Is Shutting Down
A lawsuit by Wisk, partly owned by the Google co-founder Larry Page, says two engineers took sensitive files before joining Archer. Go to article - Electric Aircraft Start-Up Accuses Rival of Stealing Its Secrets
In siding with Google, the Supreme Court gave software experts some love. Go to article - Google Won. So Did Tech.
Before their removal, so-called violative videos accounted for 0.16 to 0.18 percent of all views on the platform in the last quarter of 2020. Go to article - YouTube Discloses Percentage of Views That Go to Videos That Break its Rules
Gas-power yard equipment spews noise and pollutants. Newer models, using batteries or electricity, are quieter and greener, and might even manage themselves. Go to article - The Robots Are Coming … to Mow Your Lawn
Will.i.am and Honeywell introduce the first connected mask. Think sneakers meet smartphones. Go to article - Will.i.am. and Honeywell Unveil $299 Face Mask
The 6-to-2 ruling ended a decade-long battle over whether Google had improperly used Java code in its Android operating system. Go to article - Supreme Court Backs Google in Copyright Fight With Oracle
We’re seeing a mania for wacky tech ideas. But tech bubbles aren’t necessarily the worst thing. Go to article - What’s Good About Tech Bubbles
It took luxury brands years to get used to the internet — but just months to start talking on the audio chat site. Are they a fit? Go to article - Can the Gleam of High-End Watches Thrive on Audio-Only Clubhouse?
Amazon was built on an underdog philosophy, but its workers are finding a voice. That presents a problem for the company that goes far beyond the union vote in Alabama. Go to article - Amazon’s Clashes With Labor: Days of Conflict and Control
The two employees had publicly pushed the company to reduce its impact on climate change and address concerns about its warehouse workers. Go to article - Amazon Illegally Fired Activist Workers, Labor Board Finds